Receivership & Liquidation Status

Receivership Lawyers and Liquidations Attorneys

Our team of experienced receivership attorneys and liquidation lawyers handle cases all over the United States, the Caribbean, and worldwide. From running an ongoing business, such as an apartment building, or an oil company, to locating assets for liquidation and distribution, a receiver must be prepared for any contingency. As a receiver, distribution agent, or settlement administrator, it is important to determine the proper claimants and make sure to protect the investors in every way possible. Some of our receiverships and liquidation matters have involved a wide range of efforts aimed at recovering what has been lost.

Cash 4 Titles Litigation

Phillip S. Stenger is the acting receiver for several parties in this case concerning a car title loan company. We are helping the SEC to trace and recover assets as well as determining the order and amount of creditors’ claims. Mr. Stenger has assisted with a Cayman Island liquidation, as well as handling a third party lawsuit against one of the participants in this fraudulent scheme.

Safe Harbor Fund LP Litigation

Mr. Stenger is the acting receiver in this pending case. If you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please contact Phillip Stenger , and address those questions to him.

Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

Phillip Stenger is the acting receiver in this SEC case against EPSO. A fund has been established for the investors who suffered losses as a result of investing in this scheme. Questions regarding eligibility for distribution should be addressed to the official Receiver, Phillip S. Stenger.

Basic Energy and Affiliated Resources, Inc. (BEAR)

An order for distribution of disgorgement proceeds has been ordered in this Ponzi scheme involving an oil and gas exploration and production company. Our firm has participated in litigation, liquidation, and distribution work in helping investors recover some of what was taken in this scheme.

Beacon Hill Master Fund

Mr. Stenger was appointed a Joint Official Liquidator by the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands. In that role, we participated in the liquidation of the Cayman Islands hedge fund. Over $321 million has been frozen by the District Court as part of the effort to return the fraudulently acquired funds to the investors.

Cash Flow Financial

Phillip Stenger is the acting receiver in this case concerning a commodities pool investment scheme. We are helping the CFTC to trace and recover assets as well as determining eligible investors and the amount of investors claims.

If you have any questions regarding an ongoing receivership or liquidation, contact us today.